Weak ESD

Festive notions
of Education for Sustainable Development

Weak ESD - Quick Wins leading to Strategic Loss

Overviewing then entirety of ESD-development since 2004, it appears it's transformative promise remained outstanding as various notions prevailed over thorough reconsiderations and an informed improvement of education. Notions that actually hold little new seem to dominate the discourse as they are brought to centre stage by leaders in the world of ESD.
To free the way for progress we here address 'ESD Competences', 'Social Learning', 'Systems Thinking' and the 'Whole School Approach'. 

ESD Competences

In the aftermath of so called '21st Century Skills' and preceding 'Circular Skills' substantial effort has been put in the formulation and spread of 'ESD'-competences, the usefulness of which remain shady while pushing them appears to block progress. 

Social Learning

Claiming 'Social Learning' is a special building block of ESD can be seen as rather pretentious - as if learning could be seen outside the realm of the social realm, contacts and endeavours.


Obviously, when thinking about the dimensions of sustainable development phenomena are interrelated, whether causal or circular - hardly any science could have developped with this notion.


The way a 'Whole School or -Institution' idea is approached in recent years appears to create further structures, processes and institutional control over schooling, remaining far from education, let alone learning.

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Over the Summer of 2021 we will share first concepts of texts for each debate but you can already participate by ways of a brief response to the above statements (on one or more issues). 

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