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A brief random selection from Practice

On this page we present a selection of the multitude of activities schools developed and deployed in the course of the 1st phase of The OPEDUCA Project. For privacy reasons most references are kept undisclosed, are however available on request by Partners.  

More than a School Garden

Thanks to a dedicated team of Teachers and a School-leader understanding OPEDUCA, St Paulus School for primary education brought the world of agriculture literally near, putting food-production and -consumption in the hands of the students.

Technology in the Cloud - Aircraft Maintenance

Teachers of the German school BBS Friesoythe, Daugavpils Technical School and Bonnefanten College Maastricht visited the Aviation Competence Centre of the VET School Leeuwenborgh located at Maastricht Airport. They where warmly welcome by the Training Manager Mr. Giel Debressine and his colleagues who offered an extensive tour and explanation, including a focus of VET Skills & Competences in the light of Sustainable Development.
Amongst other supported by the European Union ERASMUS-program, activities such as this are an integral part of OPEDUCA MasterClass. 

Multi-disciplinary Mars Project

Students of Sintjan College explored and designing a 'Mission to Mars', addressing challenges and discovering knowledge on Water, Air, Building and Energy (presented before Live Audience April 16th 2015).
The activity was a merger a various thematic learning lines through the OPEDUCA-instrument 'Flight for Knowledge'.

Youth Conference

Partners across the globe joined in to equipped youth with tools to communicate, collaborate, innovate and problem-solve in order to address most complex issues of sustainability. The Virtual Youth Conference gives students the perspective and practice of a global dialogue to better understand sustainability challenges, unique dilemmas and regional characteristics. Reaching out to regions across the world to reveal and embrace the universal themes of sustainable evolution through dialogue, empathy, and collaboration.

The OPEDUCA-instrument 'Virtual Youth Conferences' was developed by the RCE Rhine-Meuse in 2011.

Future Entrepreneurs

Supported by a group of excellent companies, Student Teams representing 12 schools in secondary presented their cases before a live-audience and Jury at the Business Lounge of the Parkstad Limburg Stadium. An activity which is an integral part of OPEDUCA BusinessClass

Teachers experience state of the art technology

BlueTea brings work processes alive in a virtual training environment to achieve more learning efficiency, more awareness and more accurately considered decisions on the shop floor. It promotes the development, management and transfer of knowledge. Reality is simulated with a 3D model or in a virtual environment allowing users to learn how to execute procedures/ duties correctly and also allow them to make mistakes and learn from them. In the course of The OPEDUCA Project teachers (secondary and further Education) of various countries throughout Europe joined the ground-breaking experience.

Flight for Knowledge Exhibition

Welcoming over 140 visitors students upper primary and lower secondary of various schools gave proof of their learning and interpretation of OPEDUCA Flight for Knowledge.

One example of students' creative mindset the physical construction of a Field of Knowledge to show breath and depth of the theme studied. 

Build a Team
Take Over School

Already during the try-out phase of OPEDUCA, students of Grotius College took hold of their Teachers' lunch-room in order to expand their team-work and reach out to regional Partners in Education.

Virtual Exchange
Teacher Students
Netherlands - Canada

Nothing goes in schooling when we don't re-invest in and structurally change the way we educate our next generation of teachers - an open door it seems, however we found ESD is practically not present in present Teacher Education.
Thanks to the drive and experience of Prof Garth Pickard from the Institute of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Communities (University of Regina, RCE Saskatchewan) we succeeded in bringing together young talents from this Canadian stronghold in Education with peers from the Teacher Education faculty at Fontys University of Applied Science in Sittard (Netherlands). Once the virtual bridge was created we enjoyed a meeting of minds and a sharing of attitude where it comes to Education for Sustainable Development that gives hope for the next generation of Teachers on their way.

Flight for Knowledge - Water

Coming from the Arab World and now since a few years living and studying in the Netherlands, a group of students from EMMA College (Heerlen location) took the initiative to share their studies with peers in Qatar.
Guided by their teacher Agnes Gregoire, the students first did a general study on the world of water, using the OPEDUCA Flight for Knowledge approach to identify relevant sub-themes and go in an inquire based learning approach to further explore. Eventually the group found themselves fascinated by the aspect Drinking Water, especially where it comes to the influence of its use on the human body. Discovering different effects and further questions arising, they from there took up the bio-medical perspective.

The inquiry based learning process started with some brainstorming and desk research on the world of water, seeking out where further questions could be brought up, step by going into more detail. Categorising the whole field of knowledge in in aspects as Source, Use, Human Influence, etc. Information and answers were found on the street, from families, on the web.
The students presented their study to each other but also to the School Management.
Specific focus was found questioning the source, quality and taste of bottled water. After a visit of the regional drinking water plant gaining more insights and knowledge, the group found that, although Dutch water is of very good quality, drinking water does have different effects on people from different origins/regions.
One remarkable aspect that was found is that the students themselves, as well as their family, seem to lose more hair consuming Dutch drinking water since they came to live here. It seems their bio-systems responds quite differently to what the Dutch people are used.
The different effects of different qualities of drinking water on the human system is now what the students want to explore further with peers in the Arab world.

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