OPEDUCA MasterClass

The role and capacity of Teachers is key in OPEDUCA, the Learner-Teacher relation a focal point, the conjunction where teachers and learners operate the heart of the educational process.
Backed up by management, it are first the teachers that take up the essentials of OPEDUCA-based learning and education. In a series of MasterClasses they are introduced to vision, concept, background studies, fieldwork and perform small scale experiments, building OPEDUCA.

OPEDUCA is Made by Teachers

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and re-investing
in the Teaching Profession
Made by Teachers

Teachers have a more prominent role in OPEDUCA then one might presume when considering the student-owned and -steered qualities of the approach. Their proposed practice goes far beyond classroom-based instruction yet not degrades the profession to a ‘guide on the side’ or ‘coach’. Any sense of obsoleteness makes way for more relevance as the teacher has to deliver on the individual, Study-Team and school-level. As it became clear during the development of the OPEDUCA-concept, the role and position of teachers changes following their comprehension of the vision and fruition of the concept, the skilled application of the instruments in practice and their mastering of potential conflicts with present day reality.

OPEDUCA MasterClass has been designed to support teachers to develop the necessary understanding, knowledge and skills to implement OPEDUCA in their school and region. Through MasterClass teachers also learn about the world of work, the latest scientific insights and social developments as well as local and global trends related to sustainable development.

Teachers learn to take (back) responsibility for education by renewing their own professional development through intensive and transformative training during the MasterClasses. Are challenged to re-invent and empower themselves, realising a development from Teacher to Educator.

OPEDUCA MasterClass
Going where higher education left behind

OPEDUCA MasterClass is organised as a more-day course, in their own region yet clearly away from school and connected to the expanding global learning space. The minimum 'take-off' speed is achieved after a 4-day MasterClass following which the new practice further re-bases and upgrades their profession, position and ability to act. Through OPEDUCA MasterClass teachers start their development from being a soldier of schooling towards an  entrepreneur of education.

As OPEDUCA leads to re-thinking education and consequently a whole-school development, the transition process can only be carried by a strong backbone of professional teachers. OPEDUCA is not an 'add-on' to regular schooling, but a new base that eventually effects the whole scale of educational policy and practice. Therefore the  MasterClasses are joint efforts of schools, industry and science.

During the first year, 4 day & night MasterClass days are mixed with try-outs and test in daily school practice. Gradually and on a basis of full adoption by the school, the MasterClasses go further, deeper, become more intense until the teachers have full control over OPEDUCA. 

MasterClass Characteristics

an all-inclusive Professionalisation Experience
An Joint Experience

OPEDUCA MasterClass is an out-of-school experience, a joint effort, not a course or training.

4-day all-inclusive / 2+1+1 days / intermediate implementation in school-practice. Average Group-seize: 18

Best Professionalisation available

The average Rating by the most recent 380 teachers is 9,4 (between 7,4 and 10). 

‘Intensity’ 8,9 (on a scale to 10)
Successful pass to 2nd Year: 80%
OPEDUCA-talented on entry: 20%

The Excellence of the Teacher

Personality / Creative Competences / World wise / Organization Skills / Communication / Association / System Thinking / Critical Thinking / Subject-Integration / embedding Technology / ICT-Skills / Learning Circles / Action Planning / Entrepreneurship / Team Work

The OPEDUCA Project successfully challenged teachers to re-group knowledge and education around relevant themes and grant students an initiating role. This led to an entirely new way of working, a change more profound than many can even dream off.

Prof. Herman van den Bosch - Open University Netherlands

OPEDUCA MasterClass of Universal Quality

Trying out MasterClass in various countries where schools operate under different rules, regulations, restrictions and challenges, it was found the concept holds a universal quality. Without adoption, using the same order, wording, images and examples, the approach proofed as effective in amongst others Turkey, Qatar and Austria as it is in the Netherlands.
The pictures below were taken at OKAN University, where teachers from primary and secondary education followed their MasterClass under the guidance of Aytac Gogus, Associate Professor Educational Science Department. Although new to the concept and practice of OPEDUCA, the Teachers delivered a nothing less than excellent performance.

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