The 4-fold of Learning, Educating, Schooling and the System

Acknowledging the Personal Realm
over the Educational System

Searching for the person, the individual developing, it is important to unclutter the scene and terminology by a consequent distinction between learning, education, schooling and the educational system. This since concepts, pedagogies, rules, regulations, learning philosophies, referrals, terms of renewals and the like, often appeared mixed and mingled. Terms and ideas moving up and forth between essentials of thinking and action, over learning and ways to educate, to than bounce in the realm of the system and back. A disarray contributing to the cacophony already in place. "It seemed as if schooling narrowed down education while education restricted the learning" (Eussen, 2009).
The OPEDUCA-concept contextualises Learning as a natural process of the person, taking place Anytime, Anywhere, with Anybody, through Any device - Education the facilitation of Learning, Schooling the organisation of Education and the Educational System the governmental structure holding institution to realise schooling in the public domain.

Discerning the Personal Realm from the Educational System

In order to acknowledge, respect and protect the personal learning process it can be discerned from the educational system.

Unlike learning, education does not happen naturally while schooling requires structures, intentional planning and systematization because it does not happen naturally or spontaneously (Futures of Education, 2021).    

Seeking explanations how it comes schools eventually call justifiable criticism upon themselves, they are seen to function under ‘layers of fog’ amidst a ‘cacophony of innovations’, undergoing ‘floods of change’. We find school leaders and teachers are deluded and misguided in the development of proper pedagogy and organisation, mis out on strategic improvements and consequently go short on themselves. Ostensible solutions are sought for by ways of priority- or ‘assembled’ educations, being the manifestation of societal pressure to organise and accentuate specific claims (such as STEM ). Consequently, it appears we made education an empty shell

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